Sunday, October 14, 2007

More Racing Action

This week was the first week back on the bike since my trip West. It was really nice to be commuting again. The temps were cool, in the 40's, and on Friday I did a fun breakfast/Riverbottoms group ride. I rode the Salsa La Cruz in, since I am doing my first cyclocross race of the season on Sunday and this is the bike I will be racing this season, I wanted to make sure I was comfortable on it.

When Sunday rolled ar0und the weather was looking perfect for CX racing, temps were in the 40's again with some drizzle. Although the rain stopped before our race stared the course was wet and it was perfect race weather!

For those who are not familiar with Cross racing it is multiple lap course where the riders ride for a set amount of time. In my case, we rode for 45 mins. The experts will ride for an hour.
Typically the course is a mixture of on and off road terrain with a few hurdles and steep hills mixed in. The hills and hurdles are there to make the riders hop on and off their bikes and run up the hills. Riders use a road style bike with skinny knobby tires and drop handle bars.
The races are very high intensity which keeps your heart rate maxed out for the whole race.

Here is an idea of wha
t it takes to get on and off the bike to go over a hurdle. Watching the experts do this at about 20 mph without losing a beat is very impressive. Thanks to Katie for cheering and taking some good pics!

Next week I will be racing again in the Mark Rahn Invitational at Powder Horn Park. If you are in the area dress warm and come check out some CX action, have a beer, and cheer on the riders.

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