Monday, October 22, 2007

Hey look, The Sun!?

After over a straight week of over cast and rainy weather the clouds finally broke on Saturday and sun came out, just in time for the Homie Fall Festival. The Homie is an annual MPLS event where a bunch local bikers invite the masses to come and celebrate Fall, cycling, drinking, and bacon. This years weather was beautiful and the crowd of close to 200 made the most of every moment. There was a critical mass, some drinking, some derbys, some laughs, and a lot of shenanigans.

And I did say it was also a celebration of bacon? Big Nate pulled out all of the stops in his Homage to Bacon. Nate served up peanut butter and bacon Ritz sandwiches dipped in chocolate and my personal favorite, Peanut Butter Bacon Donuts. Thats right, Nate got in good with the local bakery and had them make a good 6 dozen or more peanut butter fried donuts, and when the peanut butter frosting was still warm the baker sprinkled fried bacon pieces (Nate provided the bakery with 4 pounds of bacon) over the donuts.
It was like a little piece of heaven!

Sunday was also a decent day to be out and on the bike. I took advantage of the dry weather and did some more CX racing at Powderhorn park in the Mark Rahn Invitational.

Powderhorn is a local park just a couple blocks from my house. The course was a lot of fun and the crowd was really rowdy. Mark Rahn had nothing to do with putting on the race but had a lot to do with the rowdy crowd. Mark has started a nice tradition of hosting a mean kegger at his place on the edge of the park. Cheers Mark.

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