Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Years Blog

Another year has come and gone; they sure seem to go fast. Katie and I had another great year. Katie still nanny's for two families which really makes her happy and I will be turning 7 years at QBP in March. We have been in our house now for about 18 months and enjoy working on little projects and home improvements. My garage/bike shop is almost complete, with the frigid weather I haven't spent the time in it I would've like straightening things out. Gretta, our "baby girl", turned two in October. She is a lot of fun and really makes us laugh. If you didn't know, Gretta is our dog, sorry to lead anyone on. I am continuing to bike a lot and already looking forward to next spring. However I hope to do more cross country skiing this winter and take a little more time off the bike.

Looking forward to this summer, I only have a handful of bike events I want to do. Then I plan on doing more camping and hopefully some traveling.

The short list...
?. Road Trip to the South East; Tennessee, North Carolina, ???
1. Ragnarok 105- 105 mile gravel road event in April
2. Almanzo 100- 100 mile gravel event in May-The timing of this event is not good for me, but I will see if I can pull it off.
3. Dirty Kanza 200- 200 miles gravel in June
?. Bike camping trip up the North Shore?

Here's to a new year; I wish all of you peace and happiness in 2k10.

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