Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Commuter log

Two for Two in 2010.
That is two days commuting to work with mornings temps below zero.
Yesterdays temps were 9below in the morning and 3above in the evening.
Today's temps were around 3below in the morning and 9above on the ride home.

Although it has been cold I have stayed comfortable with the layers I am wearing.
Head=Windproof Balaclava with no glasses and a regular bike helmet
Top=1 ss base layer, 1ls mid-weight layer, 1 heavy wool sweater, and a winter riding jacket
Bottom=long riding tights under wind proof fleece tights with light knickers on top
Feet=poly-under socks to absorb sweat, wool socks for heat. Thermal hiking boots 1.5 sizes too big for room and circulation.

I have also started using a pannier instead of a backpack. It is nice to take the load off of my back. Not having a pack on my back helps to eliminate any unwanted sweat on my back from where my backpack would sit.

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