Sunday, December 6, 2009

Two Mile Stones

Mile Stone 1. Last week I reached my goal of riding 6000 miles commuting to and from work.
It took me just over 11 months, but I did it. For years I kept coming up a couple hundred miles shy of 6000, but this year I finally did it. Year to date, 7,035 total miles ridden.

5,994 miles down; 6 more to go.

I am very lucky to work at a place that not only supports bicycle commuting but also promotes it. I am also fortunate enough to have a great group of friends and co-workers who were willing to wait out in the cold to cheer me on as I left work and surpassed my goal.

Mile Stone 2. The Man Gave is 99% complete. Or at least complete enough to share pictures.

The garage before. Cracked concrete, crappy garage door, okay shelving, and so-so bike storage.

The garage after. New concrete, 36" french doors, plenty of shelves for storage, and adequate space for 14 bikes.

The only thing left to do in the garage is hang my bike tools, do a little electrical work and and caulk some of the gaps around the door. Special thanks to Tim and Joe for all of their help.

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