Monday, July 27, 2009

Time Off

Lately I have taken a lot of time off from writing, but recently I also took some time off to travel. This past weekend Katie and I went to Puerto Rico for our friends Hann-Yu and Edwardo's

Our trip was kinda short, only 5 days, but we had an excellent time. This was my first time in the tropics and we got to do some really cool stuff. Of course the beach was nice, but we also did some hiking in the El Yunque National Forest. We went kayaking in a bioluminescent bay, where the algae lit up and glowed when it was disrupted by our paddles or hands, and finally the wedding. The wedding was out side of Fort San Felipe del Morro, an old fortress built in the 1500's to defend the city from enemies. It is needless to say the wedding was beautiful but I have attached some pictures for everyone to see for yourself.

Finally, a few more things to mention...
Congrats to Al and Luby on their wedding. I love you guys and am sorry I couldn't make it to your reception.

Congrats to Schroden, on a 2nd place finish at 9-mile. I have to say something about the race, because he probably wont write about it in his own blog.

okay that's it, I will try to do this more often.

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Thanks, Hork!