Monday, June 15, 2009

The long way home...

Well we made it. The unofficial distance was 180 miles from Minneapolis to Windom. The official time was 14 hours door to door. The ride was great. Mailen and I met Jesse Rients in Eden Prairie and headed South to the St.Peter. Jesse had to turn around before St.Peter, so for the remainder of the ride it was Mailen and me. In St.Peter we stopped for lunch and continued to Mankato before we headed West.

About 30 minuets out of Lake Crystal it started to sprinkle, another 30 minutes passed and the sprinkles turned into rain and the temps dropped . For the next hour or so we rode in the rain until we got to Madelia where we stopped for an hour or more to drink some coffee, warm up and try to dry off.

Leaving Madelia our clothes were still wet and the rain was still falling, but it didn't take long until the rain stopped and the sun was out again. As we headed West we enjoyed a nice tail wind and the great scenery of the rolling green country side contrasting the bright blue sky.

Clear skies ahead

As we headed into Windom, I was ready to get off the bike, put on some clean clothes and enjoy a nice cold one with my family and friends who were waiting for us at my mom's house.

The ride was great and I am looking forward to doing it again

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