Monday, November 17, 2008

Jury Duty

Starting Last Wednesday, I was sentenced to jury duty. Let me tell you, jury duty is not that bad.
Tuesday evening I called the special number to see if I had to report in the morning, but my number wasn't called. On Wednesday I worked from home until 12:15 until I had to call the jury number again, still no need for me to go to the court house. I continued working on Wednesday and was really productive.

Wednesday evening I called the jury line again for my Thursday assignment, nothing. When Thursday morning rolled around I decided to take Gretta on a nice walk and play with the neighbor dogs. We had a great morning together. When I got back to the house I checked my work email, but it seemed like there wasn't a lot happening at work, so I did some work around the house. At 12:15 I called the jury number again, still no need for me. I checked my email again, still nothing urgent to tend to. For the rest of the afternoon I worked around the house and periodically checked work email.

Thursday, 6:30 pm check in; No need to report Friday morning. Since I haven't rode my bike in 2 days, and there is no need to report to jury duty, I decided to meet the guys at Colossal for breakfast and ride into work with the group. Upon arriving at Q, I turned around and took the long route home. I could've stayed and worked for a bit, but since I had to check in at 12:15 I didn't see too much use. At 12:15 I called the jury line again, still no need to report. In fact they also said there was no need for me to report Monday morning. I have got to say, Jury Duty has been a pretty good gig.

Honestly though, I am trying to stay productive and work from home when possible; but it is really hard to not get distracted and do person stuff. Today I want to stain our new dining table and hang some curtains. Oh yeah, and I have to call the jury line at 12:15. Only 8 more days of jury duty to go.


Ben said...

I just want to know that you are still needed! Don't let jury duty make you feel unwanted.

It's also nice to hear you are all domesticated!

Speedbuggy said...

Fryn Porky, I agree with Doom. I still need you. No matter what the jury duty says, I need you like a bike tire needs air.

Xs n Os

cmacheel said...

I need you to come up to Bemidji and tile my floors and paint my trim. Next time you have "jury duty" you should let me know.

fryn porky said...

If you want to wait another 4 years, I would gladly give you a call next time I have to serve.