Sunday, December 14, 2008

X-Mas with the Finks

Wishing all of our friends and family a very merry holiday season.

Last night Katie and I attended “Christmas with the Finks”. I cant really come up with any words that truly explain the theme of the party, but if I had come up with one word it would be “Trashy”. From the light up Snoopy on the door step to the Star Wars ornaments adorning the tree. The wood burning fire inviting everyone to gather around the television the fire was illuminating from. The meat log, cheese ball, doughnut tree, and Jello mold in the kitchen. But the real high point of the party is always the attire; the knit holiday cardigans, the Santa hats, the sequins, the themed turtlenecks and finally the tree skirt-skirts. Yes, it is quite an eclectic spectacle.

Thanks Zacca for being such great hosts!

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Kyia said...

Thank God (or someone) you put some explanation into the outfits I was wondering what was happening to you two...