Monday, November 10, 2008

Product Review

A couple of weeks ago I bought some new cold weather riding gear to make this winters commutes more tolerable. Unfortunately none of the tights I ordered fit, but I did get a jacket that I am really stoked about, the Pearl Izumi Gavia jacket. Last week I rode with this jacket when the temps were in the high 30's. All I had on underneath was a sleeveless base layer and I could barely feel the wind through the jacket.

This morning was my first ride in sub-freezing weather and the jacket was awesome. When I left the house it was around 29 degrees. I had a light short sleeve base layer, a thicker long sleeve layer, the Gavia jacket, and a summer riding vest on and I was comfortable the whole way. The jacket kept me warm and insulated and also allowed my chest and arms to breath really well.

I am looking forward to testing my new purchase in more fridged temps. I am sure the novelity of my new jacket will wear off when the temps are so cold I can't feel my toes, but until then I look forward to putting the jacket to the test.

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