Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our first remodel

Immediately after buying our house, we decided to install carpet in the upstairs and use the space for our bedroom. Well the carpet was installed on Saturday morning and Katie and I planned on spending the afternoon moving our furniture upstairs.

With a little help from our friends we started hauling the head and foot board up, no problem.

Next up, the queen size pillow top mattress; with a little leverage and some choice words the mattress squeezed between the door frame and up the stairs. Can you all guess where this story is going?

Finally, the low profile box spring.
Eye it up, tilt it to the right and give er.
How about flipping it over and tilting it to the left?
How about going to Hom furniture and about buying a new split box spring?
How about ripping apart the box spring, using some powers and cutting the box spring in half. Once it is upstairs, reassemble it?
Yep, sound good.

Two plus hours and a few beers later the box spring was reassembled in its permanent home and the mess downstairs was cleaned up.

If this is what I have to look forward to as a home owner, I am going to need more power tools.

Thanks to Zach for ditching the in-laws to come help a brother move instead. And a special thanks to Joe and Anni for stopping by the house for a drink of water and staying for the afternoon to shenanigans.

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Anonymous said...

At least you know you won't be moving any time soon. What would we do without good friends!

Speedbuggy said...

Nice image with the ladies, bare foot and sweeping.