Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Im back...

Well, kinda.
I do have internet hooked up at the house now, but the set up is not too conducive for typing or much computer use at all for the matter.

Wow where do I start? There is a lot to talk about since the last time I posted. I bought a house, I flew out to California for the Sea Otter Classic and raced.

Self portrait. PCH101, Monterey CA.

I drove from CA to Fruita, Colorado for the Fruita Fat Tire Festival and got some riding in there.

Katie and me on the Kokipelle Trail in Fruita, CO.

Last weekend I did my first local mountain bike race. This summer has been going by really fast and I have been trying to make the most of it.Memorial weekend coming up. No plans but to hang out with Kaite and some friends, ride my bike, BBQ and drink some beers. Can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

Ryan-congrats on the new house-your mom told me about it! Great picture of the two of you-that must have been a great trip!
So how does it feel to be a home owner???!!!!

Not a whole lot new here-we were up at the lake this weekend-I love this weather! I was in Windom last Tuesday-Dad had a retirement party in Windom-many old faces!
let me know how you are doing-