Thursday, June 19, 2008

time off

This weekend my cousin is getting married in Estes, CO, so I decided to take some extra time off work and use the trip to CO as an oppertunity to meet up with some old friends and get some riding in. I arrived at the Denver airport around 10:30am on Wed. and hopped the shuttle bus to Boulder to meet up with Luby. Luby is still working out of the Maverick building and that is where I met him. After I arrived, we hung at the shop for awhile while he finished his up his work, then we headed to the Boulder Brewery to grab a bite to eat. After lunch Luby sized me up on his Maverick ML7 single speed and we took off for a ride at Heil Valley Ranch.
I don't have a lot of experience riding full suspension bikes and the terrain around here is different than anything I have ridden before. The trail was a lot of fun, a good 8-10 mile lollie-pop loop with some rocky climbs and fast rocky decesnts. The bike handled great and I was loving the 5 inches of travel on the rocky downhills. The ride took about an hour and a half but was a perfect way to loosen up after the trip.

Later that night Luby and I met up with our Friend Taylor for a quick pub ride to get a beer and then spend the rest of the night at Luby's hanging and catching up. Taylor is and ex ONAG'r who is living in Golden and working at Golden Bike Shop.

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