Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Bummer

No posts lately, I am really busy getting ready for Frostbike. For those of you who are unaware, Frostbike is an annual bike trade show QBP hosts every February. It is my job to coordinate this massive undertaking. I like the work, but lately it has been sucking the life out of me.

So here is a quick update with me. My frostbite is better. It kinda acted like a sun burn; stung for awhile, looked kinda bad, dried up, and peeled away. I have been Commuting a lot and enjoying the mild weather, but haven't skied in awhile. Thinking about Sea Otter but for now I am looking forward to Snow Balls Chance in Hell. Someone reminded me yesterday it was Super Tuesday, I went to Best Buy to get a smoking deal on flat screen but no one in the store knew of any deals going on. Isn't that what Super Tuesday is all about, getting up really early and getting sick deals on electronics and shit?

Thats all for now, good night everyone.

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