Thursday, February 21, 2008

Uncle Sam let me down...

But Mother Nature sure did not. Last night the US Navy launched a big-ass SM-3 missile (reaching speeds of 17,000 mph) from the USS Lake Erie in an attempt to blow up some sort satellite roughly 133 miles over the Pacific Ocean. Coincidentally at 8:45pm last night, astronomers were forecasting a lunar eclipse.

In an attempt to see some sort of explosion and watch the moon go dark all at the same time, Katie, Frank, Merckx the super pooch, and I went out on Lake Hiawatha to view all of the action and drink a few beers. Unfortunately we didn't see any sort of explosion. I guess the missile wasn't big enough to create any visible carnage thousands of miles away . We did however get to watch the eclipse and were able to see the moon change colors as Earth's shadow passed in front of it. Pretty Cool.

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Anonymous said...

It was too cloudy down here to see it.