Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Manzy Panzy

Tonight I went to get my haircut at a real salon for the first time in well, I don't remember when the last time was that I paid for a haircut. I don't know if that is sad or not. Anyways, not only did I go to a real salon, I went to an Aveda salon. I was told Aveda is nice. When I got there I was served a cup of hot tea and there was actually a good selection of recent magazine in the waiting area.

After I was seated, my stylist Gina gave me a nice scalp massage before we moved to the shampoo bed. Thats right, not a shampoo chair, but a shampoo bed. I guess the bed is fancier than the chair. I don't know if the bed gets your hair cleaner than the chair, I don't really care, it felt nice and made me feel all posh and shit.

On to the hair cut! Yeah, I really don't think I had that much hair to cut, so I knew I could forget about getting it styled. The main purpose of this trip was to eliminate the mushroom shape that was taking over my head. My stylist Gina did tell me I have a healthy scalp, so I have that going for me. After about a half hour of trimming, clipping, blending and texturing Gina spun me around and showed me my new look. All I can say is "Damn, Fryn Porky is Hot!"

Some of you readers may be fortunate to see the new, highly fashionable, and GQ Fryn Porky live and in person. All you less fortunate readers will have to wait for pictures to see Fryn's new do. Rest assured, "it's Hot". At least that is what my stylist Gina said, and I don't care if it is her job to tell all her clients that. Did I mention I have a Stylist?

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Speedbuggy said...

Haircut er not Hork, yer one hot mutha.

Might I suggest the Molitor way of hair care? A good razor n some hot water. Shave that shit.