Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Last night marked the first real snow fall this winter. While I was inside working the snow outside was falling. Little by little, inch by inch the snow came down. At the end of the work day there was nearly 4 inches of snow on the ground. So at 5pm when the work was over, D-train, Tyler D, Fast Frankie and I mounted our trusty steel steads and headed out to face the snowy roads, congested streets, and try to ride our bikes 15 miles through the new winter worry land.

After just over an hour and a half of pedaling, slipping, sliding, and sweating I finally made it to my block. Three houses away from the front gate, my bike slipped out from the white ground beneath one more time. After catching my balance I decided I had enough of the balancing act and decided to walk my bike the last 100ft. Normally I can ride home from work in under an hour, but on a night like this that was far from the case, Tuesday's ride took roughly 90 minuets to cover 15 miles and seemed to be 3 times as hard.

This morning also marked a first for me, the first time I cross country skied on my own skis. This year I decided I wanted to take the time to learn a sport, skate skiing. After a talking to some of the local ski experts at work I made the leap and threw down the money for a new ski get up. My 6 week commuting streak was broken this morning when Frank and I drove the work to get in an early morning ski before work.

Wow, what a work out. A lot of people told my skate skiing was just like ice skating. If those people are good at skate skiing, they cant be very good ice skaters, because the two are far from similar. I spend about over an hour in the park working on the techniques Frank showed me. I had a great time out in the fresh snow, the air was cold and crisp, the sun was breaking through the clouds and there was no traffic in sight. It was like I had the whole trail to myself.

By the time I finished my second lap around the lake, I think my form improved a little . That is not saying much considering I was just walking in the snow with my skis attached to my feet when I started. Regardless of how I looked, how much improved and how much more I have to learn I had a great time. Props to frank for taking the time to enlighten me on the basics of skate skiing. I hope there are many more lessons to come.

Once I am more comfortable skiing and less worried about falling, I will take the camera with and get some pics for ya'll to enjoy.

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commuter13 said...

It get's easier!
Have fun.

Erik said...

I guess I must suck at ice skating. I think skate skiing is easier. HA ha. Keep on skiing. It does get a lot easier! My advice is to work on long gliding on the flats and gradual downhills.

Peace out homey.