Monday, December 17, 2007

I love beans, how bout you?

Especially refried beans in a BBQ chicken burrito. I especially like the beans and BBQ chicken burrito when they are hot and waiting for me after a cold ride home from work. Yeah, that's how lucky I am.

Riding my bike had been getting really old the past week. It seemed like a chore to get on the bike every morning in the frigged weather. To prevent any cycling burnout I have been trying to ski twice a week and I really look forward to my time out in the snow. Last Wednesday I learned the "V1" and "V2" pole technique. It took me awhile to learn the V1 but once I got a hang of it, I noticed a lot of improvement in my rhythm. I like this skiing thing.

Luckily the weather is getting a little warmer and I had nice ride in and back today. Can't wait to ski on wed.

Oh, one final happening I have to mention. Zacca had a Holiday party last weekend which K-rocker and I dressed up for. Katie is sporting a nice metallic gold turtle neck (notice the shoulder pads) accompanied by some authentic leather pants. I am rocking a plaid red and black blazer on top of a great white turtle neck, worn with some fabulous quarter roy slacks and original checked Doc Martins. Thanks for all the food, beer, and laughs.

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