Monday, March 1, 2010

Up North Weekend.

As you may have noticed I started "Tweeting". I started my account because we encouraging people to tweet about Frostbike and by setting up an account I am able to check up on what people are saying about the show. Kinda like The Man you know. Anyway, tweeting is way easier than writing a whole blog post because I only get a maximum of a 120 characters per tweet. So as you check the blog, check the twitter up dates, they will be a little more current than the blog posts.

That said, I spend a great weekend "Up North" watching the American Birkebeiner. The biggest cross country ski race in North America. Anually, there are over 7000 skiers at the event all crammed into the Cable and Hayward, WI area. What a blast. The weekend was full of laughs with good friends, good food, cocktails, shot-skies, big dogs, deer heads, and golf carts. Need I say more?

Yeah, I do need to say more. Spring is right around the corner and this means long road rides until the trails dry up. I hope to get in the first big road ride of the year in this weekend. Probably not a century, but we are planning on 80.

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