Saturday, October 31, 2009

Does anyone check this site anymore?

Well I hope so, I apologize it has been a really long time since I last posted any updates. I will attempt to post more frequently so I can stay in touch with all of you who I don't talk with that often. If you do check in on me every so often, please continue doing so and I will try to keep this site updated at least once a month.
So what is new with me, here is a short list to keep it simple...
- Celebrated my grandpas 89 birthday in Aug. "Keep on doing what ever it is you do Grandpa that keeps you so sharp."
- Spent 10 days in Seattle for my brothers wedding. "Congratulations Josh and Hollie."
- Spent 4 days at home working and doing laundry before leaving to LV
- Spent 9 days in Las Vegas working the Interbike trade show
- Sold a bike, but didn't replace it with a new one. "Oh wait, I did get a new bike, my bad."
Went to the doctor for an annual physical. "I like to do this annual trip every 5 years. Maybe I will change that habit. Don't worry, Doctor says I am healthy."
-Rode to work in the rain, A lot. "I rode to work everyday this October, 21 day equaling 650 miles"
-Celebrated my 5 year anniversary with Katie.
-Gretta turned 2 today.

Have safe and happy Halloween everyone.

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Ben said...

I still check it.