Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome back spring

Friday night I went over to Timmy's house for dinner and a bike building sorie. I am getting antsy for spring and I wanted to do some part swaping on my current bikes to get them ready for cleaner drier streets. Since my shop is in the unheated garage, I sought warmth (and beer) in Tim's basement shop. Project builds included putting a Red group on my Primero and swapping my Chorus group to my Casseroll. I will post pictures later.

Saturday morning Joe and I planned to put in a long ride on the road. Our goal was 100 miles, but since neither of us have computers on our bike we can only estimate how far we rode. I can tell you this, When I got back to the house I logged about 5.5 hours of ride time. I dont think we did 100 miles but I am sure we did more than 80. When I left the house at 8am, it was about 24 degrees. I dressed light knowing it was going to reach high 40's. The air was cool to start but I was able to stay comfortable the whole ride.

Joe rollin into St. Paul

Our route took us through St.Paul and up to Stillwater where we stopped for coffee at the Bikery. We kinda stumbled across the coffee/bike shop, but we were very happy to find a bikecentric coffee shop in Stillwater. I wish this shop the best of luck and recommend you check it out if you in the area. From Stillwater we headed south to Afton and then home.

Overall my body felt good for the whole ride, The wind was blowing hard from the south east so the cross wind on the way home became a bit exhausting and my neck and abs got tired from holding the bike upright while leaning into the wind. All in all I am really happy with how the ride went and how I felt. Cant wait for summer and the single track to open

Enjoy the ride

So far the weekend has been off to a great start, and I still have Sunday left.


GenghisKhan said...

Ooooh, the crosswinds--the least favorite of all the winds in my book. I anxiously await spring/summer and dry trails too!


Speedbuggy said...

What was your route to Stillwater?
I'm still trying to add some routes to my list.