Sunday, February 15, 2009


Since I really haven't posted in a while I will give you a brief update on what I have been up to the past couple of weeks.

Vacation- In the beginning of the month a group of us rented a cabin in Lutsen and spent the weekend snowboarding, downhill skiing, xc skiing, snowshoeing, cooking, eating, drinking, hot tubbing, laughing, and enjoying eachothers fabulous company. The weather was great and we had a fantastic time. It was good to take a couple days off of work and just relax.

Work- has been pretty busy getting ready for Frostbike. The expo starts on Friday, so this week will be pretty crazy for me making sure everything gets done in preparation for the the show.

Riding- I have been riding to work pretty much everyday this month. I have really enjoyed my time on the bike this winter. I don't know what is different this year from last, but I am having more fun on the bike in the cold. Recently the streets have dried up so I have been able to ride different bikes in and the commute is much faster since I don't need to worry about icy streets.

Racing?- This past week I have started thinking about racing again and what races I would like to enter. Due to some really import weddings this fall I will not be able to do two of my favorite races; the Dakota 50 and Chequamegon. It is kinda a bummer, but there are a lot of other races I can do to make up for them. Also, I will not be attending Sea Otter this year so am considering more road racing in the spring. In the summer I want to enter more long distance mtb rides like the Mohican 100, 12 hours of 9-mile, and maybe Salsa 2-4 solo. I also have some spare parts kicking around the house that I plan on building a new bike up with.

Music- Johnny gave me some new music (Tim Barry, Hot Water Music, and Avail) to listen to. All of which is good, but may not fit everyone's fancy.

Home life- Kate, the dingo, and I are all doing really well. Katie and I had a relaxing Valentines around the house. We had a nice egg bake for breakfast and spend the rest of the day around the house reading, watching the Tour of California and couple episodes of Deadwood.

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Speedbuggy said...

Good luck with Frostbike homie. I've got a few dealers in town for it so I'm expecting the temps to plummet this weekend.