Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nothing has changed...

The weather has only got colder.
Yeah I know, I been exactly a month since I last posted anything. What can I say, the Holidays were good to me. I got to spend some very quality time with my family, I ate a lot, drank some boots, and I took 2 weeks off the bike. Instead of my daily commute to work, I exercised by running with Gretta, playing hockey at the local rink (walking distance from the house) and cross country skied.

Now that the Holidays have past and things are back to normal, I will put more effort into blogging a bit more frequently. But don't get your hopes up. This morning the air temp was 20 below. I had made plans the day before to ride in with another coworkers but after checking the forecast last night I decided not to ride. It took a little contemplation but I decided taking two days in a row off of riding would probably be good for me. After all it is really f'n cold out there! Considering on monday it was 16 below and my derailleurs and cables froze up less than 15 minutes into my ride and the way my fingers would freeze and thaw the last 15 minutes of the ride, I decided I didn't want to go through it all again. It has been nice to have the extra 3-4 hours in the day to spend with Katie, sit on the couch and read at night. But tommorrow I will be pulling on the layers again and meeting the crew at Colossal. That's right, Friday breakfast ride.

Have a good weekend everyone; I hear it is going to be hot one in MN!

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