Sunday, January 18, 2009

I was wrong

Ten years ago, I would have never attended a Mason Jennings and Trampled by Turtles concert on my own free will. During my college years I thought musicians like this just played crappy hippie music. Back then I would've rather listened to the classics like Rancid, Bad Religion, or Fugazi. Well times have changed and so has my musical taste. I have expanded my collection of music to include more country, blue grass, folk and other sub genres of the latter.

Because of this new musical taste, on my own free will, I attended a Mason Jennings show with Katie and a group of friends. This was my second Mason show. I am a enjoy Mason, but the first show I attended just didn't capture my attention like I had hoped. I found it rather slow and I was bored. I was hoping my second show would be better; I had faith it would be. Last nights show was a fund raiser for one of Mason's and number of other band's sound guy. It was a loaded venue with The Pines, Haley Bonar, Trampled by Turtles, Cloud Cult, and Mason Jennings.

The show was great, Trampled by Turtles are an amazing band and Mason redeemed himself in my opinion. So I was wrong after all, Mason Jennings and TBT is not just crappy hippie music. It is still definitely hippie music, but I will not say it is crappy anymore. I look forward to seeing another TBT show in the future, but I can garantee I wont be in the front row.

I still listen to the punk rock like I did 10 years ago, but it is not the only music that rocks.
Chad, TJ, the Dans', and the other elder ONAG'rs, this is just one more thing I have learned from you. I am only sorry it took 10 years to sink in. I may have enjoyed the bbq's more if I could've sang along with the music.


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Speedbuggy said...

Get a haircut hippie.

I love Mason Jennings.

cmacheel said...

Apology accepted. I love you too Horkey.