Sunday, October 5, 2008


The other week there was an email sent out at work updating everyone us of our companies commuting stats. Below is a basic summary of the miles QBP is putting in this year.

"4 riders have logged over 5,000 bike commuting miles year to date.

Five are over 4,000 miles for the year.

86 employees who have logged over 1,000 miles"

These number are pretty impressive and seem to be up from past years. Right now I am happily sitting in the 10 spot with 3,947 mile. Down a few spots from past years. But right on track millage-wise from where I have been in the past.

So with that update, I will use this opportunity to show you my new form of motivation to ride.

Meet "Pumpkin", my new Cross bike. The new bike is a Salsa La Cruz. The bike has a Sram Rival group, BB7 brakes and DT wheels. I have only rode the bike a couple times to work, but so far it has been a lot of fun. My goal was to race the bike this fall, but b/c of a busy schedule traveling for work and person trips, I don't think I will find time to do any cross races. I will however find time to get the bike on the local single track.

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Ben said...

Good to see you this weekend. I like the bike...needs canti brakes however!
Thanks for the headsup on The Tossers.