Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our first cross race

Last Sunday, the day after bring home Gretta, Katie and I decided to take her to the Hudson CX race. We figured Gretta was going to attend a lot of races in her new life, so what better time than now to get her aclimated.

I entered the B race while Katie graciously handed up water bottles (which I always appreciate), but today she had the additional responsibility of watching a new dog at the same time. The race was pretty tough. I don't have a lot of experience riding cross and I don't get any practice dismounting or mounting, so I have to learn as I go through the race. In the end I think I finished around 15-20 out of 60.

After my race I hung out to watch the A race and give Katie a break from Gretta. I thought I had it tough racing, but I think Katie had it a lot worse with the water bottles and handling Gretta. Gretta had been in the pound for about a month before we got her, she didn't get a lot of doggy interaction, and I don't think she has spent a lot of time on a leash before. Needless to say, she was a handful.

At the end of the day we were all really tired and had a great time out in the sun. I think Gretta enjoyed her first race. One thing I do know is she likes mountain berry Accelerade.

Gretta taking nips of the bottle

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Ben said...

Mountain Berry? Yuck...she can have mine!

Speedbuggy said...

Cute dog and it sounds like fun/hard work Hork.

So, now that I'm in the Cities, when are we gonna get together anyway?