Sunday, March 23, 2008

Goodbye Dear Friend

Today I decided it was time for me to put to rest my trusty Surly 1x1. This was my first mountain bike I build from the frame up and it has been with me for a lot of really great times in my life. I built the 1x1 while I was in college working at ONAG, where I met a lot of great people and made some really amazing friends.

My 1x1 was the bike I rode when Luby and I did our first Citizen class mountain bike race (Thats right, Luby actually did enter a few races back in the day). It was also at this race where I met Chewy. I rode the 1x1 in my first Chequamagon FTF (Thanks for the bib Schroden, sorry about the broken ankle!). The 1x1 was with Doom, Luby, Taylor Nye and me when we drove to Downieille, CA for my first SSWC. It was the bike I rode to my one and only Wednesday night ride (Thanks for the escort home Ziegle). I also flew with the 1x1 to Germany when Chewy and I went to Berlin for my second SSWC.

The 1x1 had always been the bike of choice at a number of races, numerous pub rides, Snowballs Chance In Hell, Hommie Fall Fest and countless other memorable rides. It hurts to put this bike down but, with a move coming up, a growing fleet of bikes, and a shortage of bike storage I decided the 1x1 was the bike that had to be put to rest. I haven't been riding the bike as much, I used some of its parts to build a new bike and for the past couple weeks it had been hanging in the basement 1/2 built. So I decided the time has finely come to put my trusty bike to rest. So, until I take you down from the rafters, or pull you out from behind the washer; Farewell good buddy.

RIP Surly 1x1. 2000-2008


Erik said...

Hey Ryan,
The blog looks good.

Speedbuggy said...

I miss my 1x1 still.
Be strong.

Notorious B.I.L. said...

Ryan , did you get my email?