Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fresh and Clean

As you can see, I am playing around with the look of my blog, trying to freshin' it up for the summer.

In other news Katie and I have started our search to buy our first home. Yesterday we came across a house we both really liked. We are not going to rush into buying it yet, because we have only seen a handful of homes on the market, but seeing a home we liked was very encouraging and has created a sense of urgency to get out and see as many homes as we can. This way we will can be confident when we see the right home.

And for you viewing enjoyment, here are a few more pics from my trip to Seattle. All of the pictures are from an overnight trip we took to visit some family in Portland. We spent the day driving to Mount Hood and checking out the scenery along the Columbus river on our way.
Mount Hood had a record amount of snow fall this year. You can see in some of the pictures the amount of snow that fell on the roads and piled up around the homes in the area.

Multnohma Falls (600+ drop)/ Mt. Hood

Snow cut away from the road on top of Mt. Hood/ 3 story home surrounded by snow

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