Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Headed to Marquette

Tomorrow Katie and I are heading north to Marquette, MI for the Ore to Shore race. The event is a 50 mile point to point race with Salsa as the main bicycle sponsor. Katie and I are attending the event to represent Salsa before, during and after the race. We will be loading the Jeep up with 5 Salsa bikes, the pop up tent and a bunch of Swag to hand out to the hundreds of Salsa fans screaming for a piece of the Pepper Power.

I am pretty excited about the race because last year I was fast enough to win the single speed class. Meaning this year I have to defend my title, something I have never done before.
To me it seems a little weird. I have been putting a lot more thought into the race and worrying about it more than any other race. I don't think all the worrying will take the fun out of racing, I just want the race to begin.

My El Mariachi, 34 x16, Pace ridgid fork, red pepper bell.

All week I have been riding in on my Mariachi single speed, trying to get my legs used to spinning one gear for a long period of time. I am running a 34x16 which is what I ran last year so I hope it does the trick again. I wanted to push a little harder gear this year but chose not to.
After 3 days of commuting and about 100 miles of riding my legs feel pretty good. I did one hard ride to work and threw in some hills and I felt really strong. I hope I feel strong come Saturday.

Look for the Race report Monday or so. Have a great weekend everyone.


Donut said...

Good Luck!

LUBY said...

good luck and most importantly HAVE FUN!!