Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Post

It has been a while since I posted last, my apologies. This past week I had been living the bachelor life at home while Katie went to Massachusetts for a bike event with Salsa. In Katie's absence, I was able to get in a lot of riding. Last weekend I rode in Elk River with Schroden and got to take a nice trip to Cable WI, to ride the Rock Lake trails. I am doing a solo 12 hour race this coming weekend in WI, so I want to put in as many hours as I can on the bike.

12 hour race bike.

Yesterday, I rode the river trail to and from work again. When I got home I had put in close to 4 hours on the bike, over 3 hours of dirt. What a great way to get to work. The trail was really dry and fast b/c of the lack of rain here. Unfortunately, the river is pretty low as well.

In the Spring the river is up to the middle of the steps.

The picture is of the raft build to cross the MN river which splits the trail in half. Normally 4 people can get on board and float across. Not the case now, yesterday we were able to pull two at a time across with the shallow water.

Thanks for checking in, Sorry I have been slacking to keep this site up to date.

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