Saturday, August 7, 2010

Falling Behind

I realize I have been falling behind with blogging. I guess I really am not that into it anymore. Who knows, maybe things will change and I will start updating it again more than once every two months.

News Flash
Out with the old in with the new- I tore apart my Dos Niner and built a new Ti El Mariachi. So far I have only rode the bike to and from work, but it feelt great. I am hoping to put some laps on it at Afton Alps today.

Wedding-Katie and I did another site visit trying to determine where we are going to have our wedding. Hopefully we can decide soon so he we can really begin the planning.

Upcoming Events-Next weekend I am signed up for the Dairyland Dare. A road race/ride/tour in Dodgeville, WI where riders can sign up to do the 50,100,150,200, 250 or 300k route. I am signed up for the 300k. The 186 mile course will cover over 20,000 ft of climbing. I plan on switching my 53/39 cranks to a compact 50/34 and riding my Primero. Should be a good time. Goal time, sub 11 hours.

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