Sunday, April 26, 2009

One bike left

Saturday morning Mailen, Joe and I rode the Minnesota River Bottom trails from Minnehaha Falls to 9 mile creek where we met up with a group of guys to help put in the raft that helps trials users cross the creek. It was nice leisure ride down to the creek, once the raft was in the water, we stood around, indulged on coffee and pastries we carried in and enjoyed the cool morning air.

(This is an older picture of the creek in the summer when the water is down. Now in the spring the water is up to the top steps.)

Yesterday was also the first time I rode my Dos Niner this year. The big tires and 1" of travel make for a perfect ride on the river bottoms trail. So far this month I have ridden all of my bikes except one; the SS mountain bike. Maybe I will squeeze it in for a ride before the end of April, or maybe it will have to wait a little longer. Regardless, most of the metro trails are now open and there will be plenty of opportunities to get some quality mountain biking in.

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Speedbuggy said...

Whatca running for tyres on that Niner any hooter?

Fryn Porky said...

WTB Vulpine's
Cole Trickle wouldn't let Hooter make 29'r tires, what a DB.

Speedbuggy said...

Stupid Cole Trickle.